Since the beginning of 2003 we have invested in knowledge to benefit our customers and partners. Our main assets are skilled and experienced employees. Today, in our offices in Norway (Stavanger, Førde and Kristiansand) and Poland (Poznan), we employ over 50 engineers and project managers with high technical education (master degree or higher) and experience in several disciplines. 75% of our work staff have more than 10 years of professional experience
Exploring wide range of engineering opportunities, we challenge the common routines, changing traditional approaches into the modern ones. Constantly developing ourselves, we aim to be a high class organization.
We deliver both technical and consultancy services, as well as full range EPC(I) deliveries. Our objective is to develop knowledge to fully comply with our clients’ expectations in design, execution and operations. As passionate engineers we support the customers with innovative solutions adapted to their needs. For over fifteen years we have successfully cooperated with many of the biggest companies within oil & gas and heavy industry markets.