NAVIC implements projects in the energy industry. Our job does not end at the design stage – we support contractors at the stage of works implementation, and we take part in commissioning. We prepare multiple modernisation designs in close cooperation with the user. All this fuels our development and constant increase of experience, which translates into the high quality of our projects and the ability to adjust to the needs of our Client.

Examples of fields of the energy industry for which we design:

– Combined heat and power plants, as well as small and medium output capacity power plants;
– Heat distribution systems and networks;
– Heat recovery heating systems;
– Systems of industrial water distribution and preparation;
– Industrial heating and cooling systems;
– Electric power transmission and distribution systems;
– Systems of production and distribution of industrial liquids;
– Gas purification systems.

Modernization of the 5,5 Mpa auxiliary compressor station
Design of water and steam installations within a recovery boiler
Project for modernisation of the system of supply pumps for the recovery boiler
Foundations for a rotary dryer
Turbo-blower selection and design of its installation
Energy building
Branch transformer station
Expertise on PZ and PE cooling systems with proposals for solutions
Modernization of the heat system, heat balance for the plant and modernization of the furnace heat recovery system