Our engineering services includes

Concept design and development

NAVIC’s engineers are highly focused on developing concept designs, leading to creation of reliable solutions for the industry. Product development processes at NAVIC assure seamless integrity from the design to the final product.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Functionality studies
  • Cause & effect analysis studies

3D modeling & detail engineering design

Detailed 3D model is a basis for every design project. This gives us ability to avoid any potential conflicts between objects or disciplines. Using Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks or PDMS, having wide range of cross-format conversion possibilities, we are able to build accurate model and integrate it smoothly into customers’ system. High quality fabrication drawings are delivered as a part of documentation, which can be used by any 3rd party prefabrication company without any additional clarifications required.
Drawings in each of disciplines always comply with relevant standards and codes as required by the project – NORSOK, DNV, Eurocodes, etc.

Structural strength calculations, incl. FEM analysis

Using professional software tools NAVIC’s Structural Department performs structural analysis of steel and concrete structures as well as foundation calculations, of various level of complexity.
Depending on application both methods of calculations can be applied: mathematical model (STAAD.Pro, Autodesk Robot, RM-WIN) or Finite Elements Method (ANSYS). FEM is also used to perform static and dynamic analysis of mechanical appliances. By use of AutoPIPE, stress analysis of piping is one of the key elements in piping design offered by NAVIC.

Process design with calculations

Industrial processes are designed from the concept to the detail engineering. Process calculations in NAVIC are supported with advanced process simulation in CHEMCAD. Process design includes: selection of process units and equipment, design of Process Flow Diagrams PFD, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams P&ID, Utility Flow Diagrams UFD.

Complete project documentation

As a supplier of the project, especially within full-scope EPCI projects, we are responsible for completeness of project documentation.
As a part of delivery we provide all documents required in the project, such as:

  • Plans and schedules
  • Reports
  • Arrangement, assembly, detail, isometric, installation and as-built drawings
  • Process diagrams – P&ID, PFD, etc.
  • Calculation results
  • Material lists and specifications
  • Work packages
  • Technical data and equipment specifications
  • 3rd party documentation
  • Manuals, instructions
  • Interface / tie-in descriptions
  • Manufacturing Record Books with certificates
  • Standard compliance records

…and many more.
Integration with clients’ database or document systems is provided upon request.

Surveys and laser measurements

Advanced laser measurement technologies are our tools to build precise 3D models of existing structures and equipment, being a basis for designing new elements, which always fit accurately and are easy to install. We use laser distance meters, total stations and 3D scanners.