Quality policy

NAVIC’s quality policy is the basis for all our activities and consists of the following six foundations:

  1. All our customers, employees and other stakeholders shall benefit from our quality objectives.
  2. NAVIC shall establish systematic processes related to all its activities to secure the right quality.
  3. All organizations shall implement and use quality systems fitted to the nature of their tasks or products.
  4. HSE shall be included as a part of quality management system.
  5. All employees shall actively contribute to continually improve the quality of our work both internally and externally.
  6. Our quality systems shall be simple and efficient.

Quality objectives

NAVIC’s objectives within the quality system are:

  • NAVIC shall secure that all its business is carried out with the right quality.
  • Quality shall be an integrated part of our business and secure that tasks are carried out based on systematic processes leading to the right result.
  • To receive positive feedback from our clients in all projects.
  • To continuously improve the system, by working on at least one area each year.
  • To have no projects with deficit.
  • To prevent errors and ensure that we have effective and efficient processes for all activities.
Our Quality Certificate