Ladles & ladle operations


Ladle is a basic equipment in metal production industry. In most of the cases this same solution will work perfectly over decades. However with over 20 years of experience in a metal industry we faced numerous cases where ladle required modifications, typical cases are:
-Required increased capacity,
-Increase of operational temeperature,
-Additional operations in ladle route.

With ladle even limited changes will impact surrounding equipment (cleaning station, preheater, etc) and operations. Beside pure update of Ladle design, NAVIC supports customers with identification of optimal changes, update of operational procedures and verification of impact changes.

Ladle operations

During a typical production cycle, ladle may go to several different places, such as:
-Cleaning station,
-Tilting chair,
-Sampling station,
-Ladle wagon.
With 20 years of experience in smelting industry NAVIC had delivered number of successful projects related to implementation of such equipment and installations in copper, ferrosilicon, aluminum smelting plants located in Norway and Poland.