NAVIC is a design workshop implementing multi-branch projects across Europe. Our areas of operation include:

– Oil and gas industry
– Iron and steel industry
– Energy industry
– Specialised industrial sites
– Civil engineering
– Plant and machinery

Our team is comprised of specialists in the fields of construction, mechanics, process engineering, HVAC, automation and electrical engineering. We are distinguished by experience and knowledge of European norms and industry regulations.


NAVIC is a partner in the oil and gas industry. We have accumulated our experience collaborating with world leaders in this sector. The scope of our operation includes services for steelworks, as well as fixed and mobile offshore oil platforms. We are able to assist our Client both in the area of engineering, as well as project implementation. We offer comprehensive services from feasibility analyses to working designs. We also deliver and assemble ready products as a part of EPC(I) contracts. We undertake all types of projects, from small single-industry ones to very complex multidisciplinary commissions. We design, implement, manufacture and perform services both on land and sea. While adapting to the Client’s needs, we design prototype machinery and structures.
Thanks to our competent and experienced staff as well as technical administration we ensure high quality of designs and services. Our engineers possess broad experience and knowledge of norms and industry standards such as NORSOK and DNV. Moreover, our personnel has offshore platform training, therefore we are able to offer our support during works implementation on the assembly site.

We use modern tools in the designing process (3D modelling, 3D scans of existing structures) which enable us to shorten the period of design preparation and prevent downtime during assembly, while making way for cost reduction.

Example of projects


Since its establishment NAVIC has been implementing designs in the area of metallurgy and heavy industry for the biggest representatives of the sector in Europe, in particular in Norway, Poland and Germany.

Drawing on the versatile experience and qualifications of our engineers we are able to meet all the challenges put forward by our Clients and adapt to their needs. We execute projects in various areas of industrial plant operation, including transport of resources and raw materials, processing of hazardous substances, designing for extreme working conditions, designing prototype machinery and facilities, as well as implementation of projects in areas at risk of explosion (ATEX). We have experience both in designing completely new structures, as well as in modernising already existing ones, which enables us to easily indicate modifications and major changes improving efficiency, decreasing costs, and increasing safety. We usually carry out the structure modernisation designs with the use of 3D scans, which substantially increases the quality of design works and simultaneously shortens the period of implementation of the modernisation itself.

The broad scope of our operations ensures support for our Client at all stages of the investment process from the feasibility study, the conceptual stage, the design, through manufacturing, assembly and launch, to disassembly and demolition.

NAVIC offers support not only in the area of design, but also administration, purchase processes, project management and risk assessment.

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NAVIC implements projects in the energy industry. Our job does not end at the design stage – we support contractors at the stage of works implementation, and we take part in commissioning. We prepare multiple modernisation designs in close cooperation with the user. All this fuels our development and constant increase of experience, which translates into the high quality of our projects and the ability to adjust to the needs of our Client.

Examples of fields of the energy industry for which we design:

– Combined heat and power plants, as well as small and medium output capacity power plants;
– Heat distribution systems and networks;
– Heat recovery heating systems;
– Systems of industrial water distribution and preparation;
– Industrial heating and cooling systems;
– Electric power transmission and distribution systems;
– Systems of production and distribution of industrial liquids;
– Gas purification systems.

Example of projects

Specialist industrial sites

Most of the design work performed at NAVIC is associated with industry. Our projects are very versatile – from single-branch designs of reconstruction for a pipeline section, to multi-disciplinary designs of new departments or whole plants. The projects very often involve the design of non-standard pilot structures and facilities. We have broad experience in designing the incorporation of new facilities or whole production lines at existing plants, designing various types of pipelines, local extraction systems, industrial ventilation systems, selection of facilities, as well as their modifications. We offer design services at various stages of the investment – from the analysis phase, feasibility study, concepts, as well as technical, outline and detailed design. Should the Investor need support during the works implementation, our engineers will be present on the construction site, during assembly and systems commissioning.

Our designs found application in areas such as iron and steel, electrorefining, extraction and processing, oil as well as power industries.

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Civil engineering

As a part of its civil engineering operations Navic designs new commercial, public utility and industrial structures. In case of industrial structures, we often execute reconstructions and extensions adjusting the plant to new working conditions, also involving modernised production lines. Our standard conduct with such projects is to prepare evaluations and technical expert’s reports in view of selecting the optimal and most economically viable conditions for the reconstruction. Upon the Investor’s request we implement comprehensive multi-branch projects and we conduct the procedure of obtaining a full planning permission.

Example of projects

Machines, devices and equipment

Our scope of services also includes designing non-standard machinery and mechanical equipment. Apart from designing from scratch we also execute modernisation designs of existing plant and machinery. Tapping into the potential of a multi-branch company, we are able to design not only the machinery itself, but also conduct necessary analysis associated with its incorporation, as well as design all necessary connections.

Our designs found application in areas such as iron and steel, electrorefining, extraction and processing, oil, as well as power industries.

Example of projects