Industrial installations

NAVIC has been comprehensively designing industrial installations for many years. We specialise in installations for the heavy industry (copper, ferro-silicon), mineral industry (ore enrichment plants), paper industry, oil & gas industry (refineries) and offshore industry (drilling platforms, installations on vessels). Projects in these industries are carried out both as industrial installations in stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic. Designing industrial installations is a responsible task that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Our qualified engineers follow the regulations to ensure that the industrial installations we create meet all quality and safety standards.

What industrial installations do we design?

When designing for industry, we deal with multi-discipline solutions related to industrial installations. We also cooperate with other design offices, contractors and suppliers of equipment and devices. Important areas of activity are industrial air-gas installations (gas extraction, filtration, heat recovery, industrial ventilation installations), industrial cooling installations (both closed-circuit – dry and open-circuit – wet), as well as technological installations – piping. We provide a variety of design services so that our realisations can be used in many industries.

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