Multi-discipline projects

One of our areas of activity is the comprehensive management of industrial multi-discipline projects, with a particular focus on industrial and specialised facilities. Starting from the development of a multi-discipline concept for a given investment, we create 3D models. The whole project is carried out in accordance with the Investor’s assumptions, and the process of agreement, opinion and project consultation is based on the creation of a 3D model. This model facilitates a quick and efficient evaluation of the assumptions of the multi-discipline concept, even for those less familiar with the details of technical drawing.

We carry out multi-discipline projects from the concept stage, through the construction project to the detailed design with workshop documentation. Also at the construction stage of the designed engineering structures, we provide design, consultancy and author supervision services.

What software helps us create multi-discipline projects?

Multidisciplinary projects require close coordination, which is supported by specialised software for each industry. The software that allows the coordination of 3D models from different design environments is Autodesk Navisworks. It facilitates the presentation of solutions to the developer during the design process without the need to create working documentation. An important feature here is the ability to export the overall model of the designed investment for the client, in a format that allows the model to be viewed using open-source software. In an era of increasing digitalisation, this greatly facilitates the construction and supervision of the ongoing investment.

We manage all projects comprehensively, which means that they include engineering design and construction, conceptual and detailed design management.