Workshop projects

For NAVIC, it is extremely important to maintain constant contact with Investors and contractors during project execution, which enables effective management of projects from start to finish. In the case of workshop projects, this is particularly important.

Workshop projects are an extremely important complement to the construction and detailed design. Detailed, specific technical solutions are necessary to realise the project in accordance with the financial and timeframe assumptions. The scope of workshop designs includes, among other things, accurately described construction details and lists of shipping components.

The workshop documentation we provide is carefully crafted with attention to detail, so that the direct contractor has tasks clearly defined. This ensures that production is quick and efficient and construction work runs smoothly.

Effective communication between the project team and the client is the basis for a successful project. We are open to our clients’ ideas and objectives within the project, while at the same time offering our knowledge and experience to provide advice and recommendations during construction.

As part of workshop projects, we provide:

  • Providing support and assisting in the fabrication process (fabrication follow-up),
  • Drawing up assembly diagrams and layout plans,
  • As-built fabrication,
  • Presence on the construction site with the author’s supervision function,
  • Maintaining constant control and monitoring of the progress of the installation work,
  • Support in case of expansion of the project scope,
  • Providing regular progress reports to the client.

The workshop design services we offer ensure control during the fabrication process, which minimises the risk of errors occurring. This ensures that every action is carefully planned and fully compliant with the Investor’s requirements.

Our offer also includes other design services, including, for example, detailed design.