Most of the design work performed at NAVIC is associated with industry. Our projects are very versatile – from single-branch designs of reconstruction for a pipeline section, to multi-disciplinary designs of new departments or whole plants. The projects very often involve the design of non-standard pilot structures and facilities. We have broad experience in designing the incorporation of new facilities or whole production lines at existing plants, designing various types of pipelines, local extraction systems, industrial ventilation systems, selection of facilities, as well as their modifications. We offer design services at various stages of the investment – from the analysis phase, feasibility study, concepts, as well as technical, outline and detailed design. Should the Investor need support during the works implementation, our engineers will be present on the construction site, during assembly and systems commissioning.

Our designs found application in areas such as iron and steel, electrorefining, extraction and processing, oil as well as power industries.

Lime stone meal milling plant in Raciszyn
Battery scrap processing plant
Central Laboratory building with pneumatic transport of samples
Installation of the dewatering process
Gas duct for a recovery boiler
Pos-combustion air and cooling air blowing systems for the aftercombustion chamber
Installation of local ventilation of an electric furnace and installation of maintenance cranes
Combustion system and flue gas extraction system for copper granulation furnace
Construction of technological facilities for slag granulation from converters
Tanks and demi water pumping station together with demi water and condensate pipes
Foundations for a rotary dryer
Modernization of the 5,5 Mpa auxiliary compressor station
Exchange of X-ray analyser with associated infrastructure
Design of water and steam installations within a recovery boiler
Piping design for stone wool production line
Installation of filter presses and construction of a compressor station
Installation of anode waste washing plant
Project for modernisation of the system of supply pumps for the recovery boiler