Since its establishment NAVIC has been implementing designs in the area of metallurgy and heavy industry for the biggest representatives of the sector in Europe, in particular in Norway, Poland and Germany.

Drawing on the versatile experience and qualifications of our engineers we are able to meet all the challenges put forward by our Clients and adapt to their needs. We execute projects in various areas of industrial plant operation, including transport of resources and raw materials, processing of hazardous substances, designing for extreme working conditions, designing prototype machinery and facilities, as well as implementation of projects in areas at risk of explosion (ATEX). We have experience both in designing completely new structures, as well as in modernising already existing ones, which enables us to easily indicate modifications and major changes improving efficiency, decreasing costs, and increasing safety. We usually carry out the structure modernisation designs with the use of 3D scans, which substantially increases the quality of design works and simultaneously shortens the period of implementation of the modernisation itself.

The broad scope of our operations ensures support for our Client at all stages of the investment process from the feasibility study, the conceptual stage, the design, through manufacturing, assembly and launch, to disassembly and demolition.

NAVIC offers support not only in the area of design, but also administration, purchase processes, project management and risk assessment.

Gas duct for a recovery boiler
Pos-combustion air and cooling air blowing systems for the aftercombustion chamber
Installation of local ventilation of an electric furnace and installation of maintenance cranes
Combustion system and flue gas extraction system for copper granulation furnace
Construction of technological facilities for slag granulation from converters
Piping design for stone wool production line
Installation of anode waste washing plant
Turbo-blower selection and design of its installation
Energy building
Rebuilding of Building and Mineral Wool Production Line TRL03
Furnace hall with associated infrastructure
Bridge for the passage of equipment around the furnace