Construction projects

NAVIC performs designs for industrial, service and public utility buildings. In addition to preparing designs for newly planned investments, we also prepare studies for the reconstruction and extension of existing structures in accordance with the requirements of the new operating conditions.

Our structural designers make key design decisions that are important for the functionality of the building, but also for the safety and durability of the structure. In close cooperation with the sanitary and electrical engineers, they develop all the necessary documentation required for the construction project.

Using the appropriate software, we present our clients with the results of our work at every stage of the project, from the construction concept through the building design, through to detailed design.

The scope of the construction project we have developed includes:

  • Site development design,
  • Architectural and construction design,
  • Technical design.

At the special request of the Investor, we additionally carry out the building permit procedure.

Efficient communication and design coordination is extremely important in the design of building structures and associated infrastructure.

We offer comprehensive engineering design. From the beginning of the design process, our specialists from various industries work together to prepare a building design in accordance with the applicable regulations and principles of technical knowledge.

By choosing NAVIC Engineering Polska, you can be sure that the designed object meets the requirements of the regulations, takes into account all the technical and individual requirements set by the client and is functional and safe for users.

Our offer includes not only building designs, but also other design services.